Complete Engineering Project

Our team work and scope:

In Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Vietnam and African countries,according to the group planning, we are dedicated to the energy field, metallurgy field, environmental protection areas (including wastewater treatment projects), EPC of overseas project (including the buyer export credit project), and for the development and execution on different scale of steel mills, size and power form of power plant, different voltage distribution network, different sewage treatment plant project

Our scope as follows:

1, Regional Planning Of Project

2, Feasibility Study Report And Cooperate With Approval Of Project

3, Exploration Report And Cooperate With Approval Of Project

4, Soil and Water Conservation Project Report And Cooperate With Approval

5, Environmental Impact Report Compiled And Cooperate With Approval.

6, Health Assessment Report And Coordinate With Approval

7, Project Respective Countries Need To Prepare The Other Approval Report.

8 .Power Grid Access Report Drafting And Cooperate With Approval (Only In Energy Field)

The above documents compiled fee will be charged by owner for additional fees

The coordination work of Sell electricity agreement:

1. Project Design

2. Project Construction (including construction and installation)

3. Project Performance Tests

4. Project Commissioning Test Run

5. Project Operation Maintenance Personnel Training

6. Project Financing For Part Of The Application (for export buy loan project)

7. Projects Of Comprehensive Evaluation

A. Energy Field

A) Electrical point project

1. coal-fired power plants

The Scale from single unit 100MW, to 125MW 50MW, 135MW, 150MW,,, 300MW, 600 mw, 200MW 1000MW, above mentioned are according to fuel composition analysis, reserves and can use the volume and the owner of investmentto determine.

2. gas power station

The Scale plan from single unit 42MW, 130MW, 150MW, according to the natural gas supply to confirm.

3. biomass power plant

The Scale plan from single Unit 3MW, 6MW, 12MW 30MW, according to fuel supply and calorific value analysis andsupply of water and owner investment scale to decide.

4. garbage burned power generation

The Scale from the day of garbage disposal 200 tons, 300 tons, 400 tons, 500 tons, 600 tons, 800 tons, 1000 tons, 2000 tons to conduct expected planning,and it will depend on each country situation to determin mixed burn a little coal or oil, gas and local waste calorific value of the analysis and government regulations to confirm the scale.

5. wind power

According to the current international market, the wind field scale from single unit 1.5mw and 2MW, 3MW, 3.5 MW to plan, main according to owner's investment scale and wind field to confirm.

6. Wind-Solar complementary stations

The Scale from 100kw, 300kw, single 500kw, 1000kw,it can choose freely. According to the wind and use area of the sun situation to get confirmation.

7. nuclear power plant

According to the current domestic operation scale with single unit 1000MW primarily planning, the domestic already has the rich experience, especially in construction experience and site operation maintenance experience.

8. tidal power

Currently coastal tidal choice of soil and water conservation benefit coast of a kind of energy conversion, according to tidal power station capacity to plan.

B) Transmission AND Distribution Network Project

1. 6KV, 10KV, 66KV 35KV, transmission and distribution project and pressor station project planning, development and construction

2. 110 kv ,330KV,220KV, transmission and distribution project and pressor station project planning, development and construction

3. 750KV ,500KV, 1000KV EHV transmission project, planning, development and construction

4. Regional Grid Planning And Development

B. Metallurgy Field

From iron ore mining to iron, coking, steel mill, profile factory planning,design, construction of full service.

1. Steel mill with annual production of ten thousand tons, million tons and tons

2. Air separation unit

3. Puddling shaft furnace system

4. Coking system

5. Sintering system

6. Steel-making convertor.and system

C. Environmental Protection

Sewage treatment development and construction (biological wastewater, medical treatment water, industrial waste water, sewage and dyeing wastewater, electroplating industry wastewater areas)

D. Professional Equipment Supply

Boiler, generators, blower, axial compressor, waste heat power projects full service and professional equipment supply.

E. Central Heating System In Industrial Zone

Industrial zone piping design planning and construction

F. Gas Factory Invested Construction

Planning investment and construction for industrial zone, gas factory provides oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and argon.

G. Petrochemical industry

1. Heavy oil ccu supply and epc serivce

2. Refinery epc serivce

3. Natural gas lead-out supercharger supply and epc serivce

4. Synthesis ammonia industry whole set serivce

5. Nitric acid whole set serivce

H. The pharmaceutical industry, biological fermentation industry

Fan supply or wind complete sets of equipment

I. Gas industry

Air separation provide oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon and nitrogen

J. Municipal tunnel, subway ventilation system

Ventilation system, control system, general contracting